Mercado Central 

The Mercado Central is a thriving marketplace of 35 businesses at the corner of Lake St and Bloomington Ave in Minneapolis. The market was originally developed to provide a commercial space to foster business development for Latinos in Minneapolis – a place where Latinos could address and overcome barriers to full participation and success in the U.S. economy and society. Mercado Central opened its doors the summer of 1997 and since that time has offered space to new Latino entrepreneurs to open businesses, provide goods and services, and offer a welcoming place for Latino customers.

Market Manager Position

Official Job PDF 

The Market Manager position is a contract position with the property owner, Mercado Central LLC, but will work directly with both the LLC and the Cooperativa Mercado Central. The position does not offer benefits and is budgeted for a monthly contract fee that expects the manager be on premises 32-40 hours per week. The market manager is the only full-time staff to the Mercado Central. Other part-time staff includes maintenance personnel and financial accounting staff. This position offers candidates the opportunity to provide centralized, commercial management to a group of entrepreneurs who are dedicated to providing the local community with a pillar establishment that provides cultural goods, services, and a place to hold community events.

Management Responsibilities 

Cooperativa Mercado Central Organizational Support 

•Board Coordination: schedule, hold, and take minutes at all CMC board and general member meetings.

•Organizational Development and Capacity Building: work with the CMC and LLC to ensure CMC continues to build its
organizational capacity.
Internal Communications

•Communications: be on-site and available to tenants for problem solving and communications. Produce newsletters for Mercado Central tenants to ensure the building runs smoothly. Ensure there is smooth and transparent communication among and between the CMC, LLC, tenants, prospective tenants, vendors, and NDC. Attend bi-weekly operations meetings.

•Dispute Resolution: work to resolve problems and disputes within Mercado Central in a fair, just, equitable and transparent manner.
Marketing & Events

•Marketing committee: assist board committee in implementation of marketing plan, oversee marketing contracts.

•Events: ensure compliance for events with applicable licenses and permits, provide on-site coordination during events. Tenant Recruitment and Relations

•Organize tenant recruitment and application procedures: communicate with tenants regarding vacancies, advertise vacancies to targeted population, recruit specific businesses or types of businesses wanted, and ensure follow through on property application procedures.

•Tenant orientation: provide all tenants, including new, with updated orientation materials including payment instructions, commercial center rules, trash disposal instructions, elevator use rules, maintenance request procedures, and emergency procedures.

•Tenant files: maintain updated files that include lease agreement, certificate of liability insurance of $1,000,000 with Mercado Central, LLC as additional insured, emergency contact information, application, financial statements, business plan, work orders, security deposit statement, and correspondence.

•Rent collections: collect tenant rents following lease terms, charge late payment and NSF fees, contact and write letters regarding late payments as needed, provide CMC Board of Directors with regular accurate information on delinquencies.

•Serious delinquencies: refer incompliant tenant accounts to CMC Board of Directors to commence eviction process, if no
final satisfactory agreement can be reached between Board and tenant, begin eviction proceedings.

•Tenant Relations Management: facilitate communications with Mercado Central tenants to ensure they understand
responsibilities and rights. Serve as point person for tenant complaints and problems. Attend bi-weekly operations meetings.

•Tenant evaluations: conduct yearly evaluations of tenants requesting sales information and input on management
services and property maintenance.
1515 East Lake St, Minneapolis, MN 55407

Building Maintenance & Vendor Relations 

•Emergency maintenance needs: provide on-call contact for emergency maintenance response at all times, notify and update all tenants on emergency maintenance procedures.

•Regular maintenance schedules: provide written schedule of regular maintenance and inspections on all building systems, equipment, and surfaces (including roof, exterior and interior walls, floors, parking lot, plumbing, HVAC, elevator), assure that all regular maintenance is done in a timely manner and by qualified providers.

•Manage sub-contracts and service providers: maintain updated list and files on all sub-contractors and service providers.

•Non-emergency maintenance & repair requests: provide work request procedures to tenants, clarify payment
responsibility for maintenance service, schedule service with correct maintenance and repair provider, follow-up.

•Fire prevention & safety: ensure yearly inspection of sprinkler system, fire extinguishers, emergency exit signs and lights.
Provide tenants with fire and natural disaster procedures.

•Phone system: manage system, failures and corrections.
Finance Responsibilities (OPTIONAL)

•Tenant lease contracts: create and execute lease contracts.

•Equity development: ensure the Mercado Central continues to champion and reflect racial equity, in operations and structure.

•Bookkeeping/accounting: monthly invoicing, review and payment of bills, preparation and presentation of financial
statements and regular account reconciliations.

•Budgeting and budget monitoring: preparation of annual budget based upon review of historical costs and analysis of
estimated cost increases (through supplier interviews) on all budget line items, including necessary capital reserves and estimated income streams based upon prior tends and existing lease terms; presentation of budget for approval to CMC and LLC boards; regular monitoring of actual performance against budgeted levels throughout the year.

•Long-term financial planning: update capital replacement schedule as needed, set aside reserves for capital expenditures.

•Long-term capital replacement: review capital replacement schedule yearly when needed, verify useful
life/remaining life estimates with qualified equipment and systems service providers, ensure all systems and
equipment are properly entered in the capital replacement schedule.

•Financial, tenant & leasing, & maintenance: verify that all management, physical plant and otherwise, is being performed
as necessary and agreed upon. Assure that terms of all contracts are being met and expenses are proceeding as

•Long-term planning: work with management contractors to ensure sufficient long-term strategic planning and capital
reserves. Conduct yearly reviews of similar buildings, paying special attention to lease rates, common area designs,
and types of businesses, to assist in long-term planning and ensure competitiveness of building in the market.

•Insurance and property tax review: general review of insurance policies and property tax documents.

•Fluent in Spanish and English

•A minimum of three years working in a role that included some time in commercial property management, including
some time with commercial leases

•Excellent verbal and written communication skills

•Positive attitude and strong interpersonal skills

•Experience working with regulatory entities

•Proven record of continued growth and learning

•Strong desire for experience writing grants to seek additional funding sources
How to Apply

Send English and Spanish versions of resumes and cover letters by Wednesday, June 7, 2017 to:
Ben Johnson, President of the Mercado Central, LLC Board of Directors ( and Miguel Sanchez, President of the Cooperativa Mercado Central Board of Directors (
In your cover letter indicate whether you are interested in providing management services only or both management and finance services. If you apply to provide both, include your fee for each set of services separately. Only qualified individuals being considered will be contacted for an interview.

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